Megan McGuire - Ascent 121


It’s a reality that no one likes to think about – sex trafficking exists, and it happens right here in the Hoosier state. Local non-profit Ascent 121 is working to put an end to this modern-day form of slavery, and its staffers have found a place where they can collaborate on ideas that will help trafficking survivors heal.

 The Ascent 121 staff know that every day, thousands of young girls are forced to participate in the trafficking industry. The victims are young and vulnerable, and their traffickers take advantage of that vulnerability and turn it into a revenue source.

 Some girls are able to escape, but breaking free is only the beginning of the recovery process. Sex trafficking victims who want to rebuild their lives need serious support to get on their feet and stay away from their abusers.

 That’s where Ascent 121 comes in. Staffed by trained professionals whose work is built on the teachings of Christ, Ascent 121 provides long-term recovery care for sex trafficking survivors in Indiana. The non-profit also educates Indiana communities about trafficking warning signs and prevention, and provides Hoosiers with the opportunity to join the fight against sex trafficking in their state.

 It’s a hefty job, and one that requires the Ascent 121 staff to devote serious time to collaborating with each other and their community partners. The non-profit has offices on the near east and west sides of downtown Indy, but as the organization grew, it needed a space where the whole team could come together.

 That space turned out to be The Haverstick, which Ascent 121 learned about through its mission partnership with Church at the Crossing. Easily accessible and flexible enough to meet the needs of Ascent 121’s different services, The Haverstick has become a central meeting place where Ascent 121 staffers can come together to share ideas.   

 “They accommodate our every need and they make excellent coffee,” Megan McGuire, Ascent 121 CEO, says. “Because of that, various staff members from Ascent 121 are at The Haverstick 2-4 times a month.”

 That time spent at The Haverstick is passed both in the general seating area and in the private meeting rooms, which come equipped with whiteboards and business-friendly technology. The non-profit staffers like to gather in the meeting rooms when they’re all together, giving them the privacy they need to think clearly and develop new ideas that will benefit Indiana’s trafficking survivors.

 The Ascent 121 staff also recently returned to The Haverstick after hours one night for its staff Christmas party. The space was large enough for the non-profit to host all of its employees for food, a presentation and even some games.

 “The Haverstick is an outstanding event venue” Megan says.

 For Ascent 121, the key to successfully serving trafficking survivors is having a group of employees who can work together to reach a common goal: putting survivors on the road to recovery. The Haverstick helps Ascent 121 reach that goal by providing resources that allow the non-profit to collaborate among its staff and with the community partners who share their vision of helping survivors reclaim their lives.

 “We highly recommend the Haverstick for small businesses and non-profits,” Megan says, speaking on behalf of the entire Ascent 121 staff. “Check it out!”