The haverstick

Our Space. Your Place.


The Haverstick is an open-use facility designed to be a place where you can belong! 


Not only is there plenty of open seating in The Haverstick but there is also a full-service coffee shop. We have partnered with Brickhouse Coffee Co. to bring you the best locally roasted coffee in Indianapolis. Most of all we offer a place that you can feel at home. We want to turn our space into your place.

Apart from the main coffeshop/ workspace area, which is completely free, you also have the ability to request to rent the a private meeting room. With seating for 10 -12  people these rooms are great if you need a little more privacy. These private meeting rooms can be equipped with a display tv and an apple tv to make presenting a breeze!


Meet OUR Staff!


(317) 844-9355 ex.26



9111 Haverstick Rd. 
Indianapolis, IN 46240



Monday - Friday 
8:00am - 6:00pm
Weekends closed


Ellie B.

Position? Manager/Barista

Favorite Drink? Dirty Chai Latte


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