Kelly Porter

Kelly Porter

The balance Kelly struck between caring for her children and doing her job works well for her family, but when they moved from Broad Ripple to Carmel in 2017, she ran into another hurdle. Her older son, Wilson, attends Church at the Crossing’s Early Childhood Center three days a week, and Kelly was worried her now-longer drive to and from the ECC would eat away at her work time.

Courtney Konopinski - High School Senior


Being a high schooler can be tough, especially when you’re as busy as Carmel senior Courtney Konopinski.

When she’s not at home with her big family – or at her job nannying for two little boys, or at church, or at a volunteer gig – Courtney, like most teenagers, is at school. She’s got classes to take and homework to do, but she still likes to find time to have fun with her friends.

Courtney loves her active life, but as she got busier, she needed a place where she could focus on her work without sacrificing her social life. That place turned out to be The Haverstick, a homey spot on the campus of her church where the busy teen doesn’t have to choose between getting her work done and visiting her friends.

“After visiting The Haverstick for the first time, the space that was available and the comfort of the environment really drew me in,” Courtney says. “I continue to come back because it is a space where I can spread out, stay comfy and have the best coffee. The people who work at The Haverstick are some of the best people I know, and they take the time to get to know each of their customers.”

To Courtney, The Haverstick represents three things: comfort, activity and engagement. She describes the space as cozy and says the atmosphere promotes both relaxation and productivity. That combination is important to the teen, who’s a homebody and likes to feel at ease when she’s doing her work.

But what draws Courtney back as many as three days a week are the baristas, who she says are some of the sweetest and most welcoming people she knows. Describing herself as a people person, Courtney says the staff’s active interest in their customers’ lives has allowed her to make “some of the best friendships” with the workers who welcome her each week.

Sometimes Courtney will drop by The Haverstick even if she doesn’t have homework to get done. She loves spending time with the baristas, and she’ll even meet with other friends at the coffee shop just to chat.

“I love that the space is big enough to where you are not distracted by conversations around you,” Courtney says. “Since I have been able to meet with people here, I have had opportunities to use my gifts within Church at the Crossing and been able to personally see myself grow!”

The Haverstick has also helped Courtney improve her academic life by giving her room to immerse herself in her work. She’s a visual learner, so she likes that there’s ample space to spread out and really see what she’s working on.

Other coffee shops want their customers to just use one table, but at The Haverstick, Courtney says she’s encouraged to creatively use the space in any way that fits her needs. That freedom, coupled with the friendly atmosphere, is what makes The Haverstick the perfect spot for a busy teen like her.

“If you are looking for a place that has everything you could need – meaning coffee, food and the comfortable environment of a home – then The Haverstick is the place to go!”


Megan McGuire - Ascent 121

Megan McGuire - Ascent 121

 For Ascent 121, the key to successfully serving trafficking survivors is having a group of employees who can work together to reach a common goal: putting survivors on the road to recovery. The Haverstick helps Ascent 121 reach that goal by providing resources that allow the non-profit to collaborate among its staff and with the community partners who share their vision of helping survivors reclaim their lives.